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Stage Automation
Stage Automation by Anton Woodward

Stage Automation is published by Entertainment Technology Press and is available from them at www.etbooks.co.uk

ETP Book Ref: 1061 ISBN 13:9781904031567 ISBN:1904031560

Price £11.95
The purpose of this book is to explain the stage automation techniques used in modern theatre to achieve some of the spectacular visual effects seen in recent years. This book is targeted at automation operators, production managers, theatre technicians, stage engineering machinery manufacturers and theatre engineering students. It is not intended to be an exhaustive reference work detailing the minute detail of motion control, more an overview of how the various disciplines combine to produce a stage automation system.
The various topics are covered in enough detail to provide an insight into the thought processes that the stage automation engineer has to consider when designing a control system to control stage machinery in a modern theatre. These topics include motor selection, determining the level of control complexity, safety requirements, artistic requirements, electrical standards and a host of other considerations.
Review by James Eade - Lighting and Sound International - April 2009

This is quite a good little book giving the reader a broad understanding of motion control systems and their use in entertainment situations - although the concepts are valid generally. Woodward is an experienced engineer and it shows in his style. It is not overly technical although the basic concepts of the electrical side are well explained to assist the less experienced and in all it is quite a good little primer.
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